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Reviews for Integrative Approach Massage Therapy & Wellness

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My first visit was this week. I highly recommend Alex. He was very thorough and conscientious and did a great job addressing concerns I had about deep seated aches and issues. Very warm, clean and comfortable atmosphere. I opted for the myofascial release due to some pressing health issues. He found areas of concern and we drilled down to the roots of some problems. I plan to schedule follow up appointments!

- Elaine W. Tannersville, NY


I highly recommend Alex. He is extremely professional and knowledgeable - I felt completely comfortable and cared for during the massage. His massage was thorough and greatly improved the pain in my neck and low back. I felt balanced and deeply relaxed after the massage. Alex is truly gifted and amazing at what he does.

- Whitney J. Greenwich, CT

Alex was AMAZING! I have had many massages from many different people and I cannot say enough great things. One of the best! I scheduled my massage around my ski-trip, but next time I will schedule my ski-trip around my massage! Thank you again Alex!

- Wendi P. Long Beach, NY

I would like to add my voice to the chorus of favorable reviews. Alex's touch is firm but gentle and he is a lovely person to deal with. I didn't have any specific issues, just enjoyed the relaxing massage. Very professional. Very competent.


- Meche K. , New York , NY



This was my second visit with Alex for a Thai massage session. I had been having some problems of tightness with my left hip muscle (quadratus lumborum), probably from running and cycling. I was very impressed with how aligned and relaxed my body felt after the first session so I was eager for the second appointment. The second session was even better than the first. A direct outcome of repeat visits with a well trained therapist is they get a better handle on what your body really needs and can handle. He pushed me a little further this time, just enough of what my muscles needed but not too much.


- Patrick M. New York, NY



I really appreciated how Alex discussed my injuries (mainly a shoulder that likes to dislocate) and paid very careful attention to those areas during the massage. I sometimes find it hard to trust masseuses with my bum shoulder, and I was able to relax with Alex. I had an hour-long body work session and I felt like it made a huge difference in the way I felt for the rest of the week. Definitely plan to go back.


- Anna C. Brooklyn , NY



Excellent massage and table side manners. Alex has great techniques and was able to get deep into the muscles to release. He worked on my shoulders and calves as requested. Really great experience. 60 minutes later, body was super relaxed, stress melted away.


- Lynn Y.



Excellent! I have been to many massage therapists and am very critical of each massage. I was very impressed with Alex and the massage. He is one of the top therapists I've ever had. I have been searching for a good massage therapist in NYC for years, tried some that were ok, and some that just shouldn't bother. After a great session with Alex, I knew I found the right one. He hit spots and maneuvered the body such that I knew he understand the details workings of the muscles. He was also able to work out some serious knots and a pulled muscle. Great job Alex! Thanks.


- T.B. Manhattan



Today was my first session with Alex and I'll definitely be back! He's amazing. I had a 1 hour massage, followed by a 1/2 hour reflexology. Alex first listens to you tell him what you'd like him to focus on, and why. Then, using his knowledge and intuitive skills, he determines what needs to be done, and does an excellent job. Normally when I get a massage, I'm either very mellow afterwards, or highly energized (depending on what I needed), but amazingly Alex managed to leave me in both those states. It's been several hours since the session ended, and I'm still mellow and energized. He's very skilled, and also sensitive and caring as well -- a great combination!


-Jan F.



I am a licensed massage therapist in CT & NY and have been for 10 years. I also maintain my national certification. It is RARE that I receive such a transformational bodywork experience. Alex is a truly gifted bodywork practitioner. He integrated several modalities seamlessly into a cohesive yet eclectic bodywork session. Please get this to the powers that be; Alex was AMAZING. Trust me, I don’t give this feedback lightly. He prepared me for this workshop wonderfully!


- Angelo P. Giordano, LMT, NCTMB


Alex has a really skilled touch. I have yet to have a massage as thorough as the one I had with him last night. I will definitely be going back to see him in the near future.
- Robin P.


I have had many massages in the past and Alex really impressed me from the beginning! He was very gentle yet at the same time, had very good technique. I love deep tissue massages and he had no trouble sensing the areas that needed the most attention. He was very focused throughout the entire 90 minute session and made sure he communicated with me at times to make sure everything was going well and that I was comfortable. He was very receptive to both verbal and non-verbal feedback and really impressed me by how thorough and detail oriented he was. I felt so good after our first session, I immediately had to sign up to see him again! I will continue to seek his professional services wherever he goes! I highly recommend Alex Zivian’s professional services. He has always exceeded my expectations and I have and will continue to refer my friends and family.
- Christyna Faulkner, MD



Receiving a massage from Alex is truly a wonderful experience! His knowledge and care are remarkable. He has a very intuitive ability that enables him to work wonders on locating and addressing specific locations in the body that are in need of healing touch. There is a calm in his presence and work that infuses the whole experience and creates a most relaxing environment. I enthusiastically recommend treating yourself to a massage/healing treatment from Alex!
- Alison S.



Alex’s approach to massage is filled with knowledge and grace. He is truly gifted. He is amazingly intuitive and uses that gift to tailor each massage to the specific needs of his clients. His knowledge of the human body and his extensive studies of many different modalities allows him to create an experience that is thorough, balanced and heartfelt. At the end of each session I feel renewed and inspired. He is one of those people that has truly found his path and I highly recommend giving yourself the gift of experiencing what he has to offer. Your body will thank you!


- Alison Strzelec, LMT



Alex is a gifted bodyworker! His touch is incredibly balanced. Strong, yet sensitive his hands seem to listen to where they need to be at all times. I was able to completely surrender during our session and received a great healing that day to a degree that does not happen very often. Amazing. Thank you Alex and I look forward to our next session!
- Duncan H., Bodyworker



Though I live in Denver, I have had two fabulous massages from Alex while visiting NYC. The most recent, just las week, was so moving and uplifting, I am still experiencing the benefits several days later. Alex’s touch is sure and true. I look forward to my next opportunity for Alex’s Thai body healing and renewal.
- Mary L.

From the moment Alex begins the massage his calming energy brings you ease. Alex’s special "Intergrative Approach” to massage helps him cater to your needs. Having received a massage from Alex, his talent, knowledge, technique and spirit helped me with my stress, muscle tension and overall relaxation. I highly recommend Alex and "The Intergrative Approach”!


- Lucy Peralta-Hayes, LMT,NCTMB